Lost in chemistry? 3 YouTube channels you need to check out! (Part I)

We all, uh, we all know about, uh, about . . . let me switch colors here . . . we all know about Khan Academy

If you don’t get the joke, by all means, check out some Khan Academy videos by Sal Khan. They are very helpful. But, even though Khan Academy is the first place many students go to get help in general chemistry (and lots of other stuff), there are other excellent resources out there on the Internet. Since variety is the spice of life, I’m going to talk about three resources on YouTube that can help you save your chemistry class. But since lots of people always complain about having zero attention span, I will break this puppy into three parts.

Let’s get started, shall we? In no particular order . . .

Tyler DeWitt.

Okay, I lied. At least this first one is in particular order, because Tyler DeWitt is my favorite, hands down. If he had videos on Excel sheets or computer coding, heck, even I could learn those. He is that fantastic.

Why? He excels at explaining big-picture concepts really clearly, but he also knows how to break questions down in a step-by-step way. He doesn’t assume his viewers understand why he is doing a step; he explains why. And not in a condescending way, but a helpful one.

And then, there’s something more. He radiates enjoyment. (Okay, so a few of his earlier videos don’t, but he was getting a hang of things.) You can almost hear him thinking, “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than right here, helping you pass your chemistry class.”

As it turns out, chemistry wasn’t always easy for him. I think his initial struggles are one reason he explains concepts and questions so well. Because he gets what it is like to be lost, he knows how to help us dig ourselves out of our own chemistry holes.

(To find out more about his struggles, check out the video below, starting at 3:14, although the whole video is fun to watch.)

One of my favorite videos follows.

How to find him (I mean, on the Internet. Please don’t kidnap him.)



Bonus! Tyler DeWitt’s TED Talk

While Tyler DeWitt is the ultimate in all things chemistry videos, he is, alack and alas, only one person. Tune in next week (more or less) for the second part in this series Lost in chemistry? 3 YouTube channels you need to check out!


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