Still lost in chemistry? 3 YouTube channels you need to check out! (Part II)

What? You’re still flunking chemistry, even after our last installment on chemistry videos? Never fear! I know that Tyler DeWitt (from the previous post) doesn’t cover every topic under the sun. Or maybe you just need a change of pace. This week’s resource definitely provides a change of pace. Let’s check it out.

Crash Course (hosted by Hank Green)

A little background, first. Crash Course makes videos on many subjects. Hank Green is the host of the general chemistry videos, and boy, does he makes them fun. He takes his viewers on a fast-paced trip that, even as you chuckle, may leave you pressing the pause button to catch up. But even so, he makes sure you have a blast.

Crash Course doesn’t generally do problems step by step. Rather, these videos are an excellent way to introduce yourself to a topic, review an idea, or get excited about a concept that your teacher made try as dust. Hank Green is very animated. Add to that slick, colorful, and fast-moving graphics, and you have videos that are very high energy.

Anything that brings fun and learning together is worth checking out. Khan Academy thought so; it has included Crash Course videos on its own website.

Itching for a sample? Here you go!

See what I did there? Crash Course has high energy, so I chose a video on  . . . energy! Maybe I’m the only one who is amused? Okay, moving on.

Since you’re still flunking chemistry*, you don’t have time for a long post. So let’s tell you where to find these videos and be done.

How to find Crash Course


Bonus! Find the other 1.2 BILLION* topics Crash Course covers.

* I know I am leaping to conclusions here. Put up with it.


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