Lost in chemistry? 3 YouTube channels you need to check out! (Part III)

It is time for our third installment of YouTube channels to check out if you lost in chemistry. I bet you have been waiting for this on tenterhooks, haven’t you?

Or maybe not.

Here it goes anyway!

Mr. Anderson

Another teacher you may have seen in passing on Khan Academy is Mr. Anderson from Bozeman Science. In some ways, he is the polar opposite of Crash Course. Where Crash Course is flashy and fast-paced, Mr. Anderson is deliberate and even-keeled. This is a good thing. Whereas Crash Course can be hard to follow if you are already lost, Mr. Anderson slows the pace down and takes you step by step.

Mr. Anderson and Tyler DeWitt are similar in that both know where students tend to lose track and why. And like Tyler DeWitt, he excels at explaining both concepts and tackling questions step by step.

I can’t help thinking that he is so good at breaking things down because he has spent a lot of time thinking about and tweaking his own teaching. (He teaches science in high school as well as on the worldwide web.) You can learn more about his video game method in the TEDx video below.

So what you have in Mr. Anderson is an apparently serious, quiet fellow who uses the upsides of video games to turn his brick-and-mortar classroom into something fun and personalized. Where Crash Course uses witty dialogue and whiz-bang graphics, Mr. Anderson lets the material be the star. Making the material front and center makes his videos very, very helpful.

Want a sample? Here you go!

How to find Mr. Anderson

On his website (you will also find his videos on other subjects here)


Bonus! Mr. Anderson’s Tedx Talk!

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