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the-little-guide-to-not-being-dumb-elise-loyacanoThe Little Guide to Not Being Dumb

112 pages / $7.99 in paperback / 99 cents Kindle (free with Kindle Unlimited)

You want to learn, but you have the attention span of a weevil. Thankfully, Elise has years of experience helping people just like you. This book is short and sweet on purpose, and in the course a few “chapter-ettes,” you will cover how you can

– Increase your chances of even starting a study session at all (Turning a Mountain into a Molehill)
– Improve your chances of finishing what you start (Getting Crap Done)
– Promote better studying without even studying a all (You Snooze, You Don’t Lose)
– Learn HOW to ask for help, instead of wasting everyone’s time
– And laugh along the way

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Real reviews from Amazon:

amazon-stars“A wonderful little book on how to learn. Although I did not use it to learn per se but to manage my day. It has already helped because I am now writing down a to do list and marking items off as they get done. Surprise, Surprise it actually works. I would highly recommend this book for students as well as non students. She writes with humor which makes learning so much more fun. We can all use more humor in our lives. I hope she writes a sequel. Even love the name.” Loretta, Verified Amazon purchase (Paperback)

amazon-stars“A friend of mine who went to school with Elise told me to buy this book. She said Elise was ‘one of those special eggheads’ who was very funny and could help anyone learn anything. After reading this, I only wish I could have gone to school with her too! The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb is well researched, hilarious, in-your-face, and so chock full of learning goodness. I’m a lot more confident about my upcoming LSAT now.” Jane88, Verified Amazon Purchase (Kindle)

amazon-stars“Elise’s book is surprisingly effective. With a down-to-earth set of principles and methods, she bluntly pushes the reader off the comfy sofa of today’s common denominator, mainly procrastination. And by writing its content with an ‘in your face’ style, Loyacano provokes more than an amusing reaction. This book is a catalyst for action.” samueljnieves, Verified Amazon Purchase (Paperback)

amazon-stars“Great tips and ideas. This is a great guide to help you learn to study.” Chris Cowan, Amazon Verified Purchase (Paperback)


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